Russian Air Traffic Controllers Warn of a Threat to Flight Safety

dispetcher.jpgThe Federal Trade Union of Air Traffic Controllers of Russia sent an appeal to President of Russia with a message about the threat of dismissal of 800 employees of the State Air Traffic Management Corporation.

“It is planned to reduce the number of approximately 800 employees, including the main production personnel, ensuring the safety of flights in the airspace of the Russian Federation, both civil and state aviation (Air Force of the RF Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, Ministry of Emergency Situations). In fact, the security and defense capability of the Russian Federation is being jeopardized, ”reads the text of the appeal.

The reason for such a move by the organization, as noted in a letter by the president of the trade union Sergei Kovalev, was the loss of up to 60% of income due to a "sharp decline in flights" in Russian airspace during the pandemic. Last summer, the company cut its wage bill and, subsequently, approved a program to optimize the number of employees.

It is noted that it takes on average 5-10 years to train dispatchers. There is not enough staff, and such moves by the company threaten the quality of service delivery.

A similar letter was sent to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. The trade union of aviation workers of radar, radio navigation and communications of Russia (PARRiS) has also addressed to him earlier. Izvestia reported in more detail about these letters.

Industry representatives called on the government to take a set of urgent measures and to support the workforce as a matter of priority. Air traffic controllers noted in a conversation with the publication that they had reduced benefits and stopped paying bonuses, despite the previous intensity of flights.


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