Moscow protests against police violence in Turkey

June 28, in Moscow, Confederation of Labour of Russia (KTR) with the support of KTR member organizations and "Efes Moscow" brewery trade union held a picket in front of the Turkish Embassy. Picket participants expressed their support to comrades in Turkey, where peaceful protest and union solidarity actions were responded with police violence and government attacks on democratic rights and freedoms.

Thousands of activists and citizens were arrested and injured during the repressions. At least four people were killed by police during the crackdown on the peaceful demonstrations. These protests continue in Turkey today. Meanwhile, the turkish government and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan continued escalation of violence against their own people.

The picket participants supported the demands of the international trade union movement and the trade unions in Turkey, according to which the Turkish government must immediately end the violence against peaceful demonstrators and guarantee the  freedom of speech and the right to assembly in all public spaces of the country. Trade unions believe that the officials and police are responsible for thousands of wounded people, for deaths of Mehmet Ayvalitasa, Abdullah Kemerti, Etem Sarisyulyuka and Mustafa Sari, and must be held accountable, removed from their posts and punished by law.

Furthemore, the participants of the Moscow picket are demanding that trade unionists, journalists and citizens that were involved in legitimate protests and belonging to the political opposition and been detained, should be released immediately and there should be an official statement saying that they will be cleared of all charges. Separately there was a demand for removal of all legal and practical barriers to the realization of the right to freedom of association, including the right to strike.

During the picket representatives of the Confederation of Labour of Russia handed the letter to the Turkish embassy addressed to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in which they expressed the protest to actions of the Turkish authorities. Russian democratic trade unions have also expressed their support and solidarity with Turkish colleagues who nowadays defend freedom and democracy in their country.

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