“Two of us covered eight precincts for a week”: Moscow doctors talk about the work-to-rule strike. Open Left presents a unique set of interviews with the doctors involved in the first protest in the Moscow medical care system since 1993.

Moscow doctors have declared a work-to-rule strike. Disgruntled by personnel cuts and the introduction of time limits for seeing patients, they said they would now work strictly by the rules, without overtime. We found out how the strike has been going in the capital’s clinics.

Today FNPR Chairman Mikhail Shmakov and KTR President Boris Kravchenko signed a joint statement “The right to strike”. The General Council of International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) announced 18 of February 2015 a global day of action on the right to strike. FNPR and KTR, being ITUC affiliates, fully support this initiative.

An important legal victory for the Interregional Trade Union "Workers Association" (ITUWA; KTR and IndustriALL affiliate) this week set a precedent in the fight against precarious temporary contracts in the region’s auto-industry.

On September 15th, the Russian Government announced a fund to assist Russian enterprises affected by sanctions. The fund will be raised by raiding the national Pension Fund and Health Insurance Fund, eliminating wage increases for civil servants, and reducing housing and utilities payments.

Moscow university professors and LGBT activists protest against dismissal at NArFU.

April Fools’ Day was a sad day for the workers of the Ford Sollers factory in Vsevolozhsk in Russia. The company released a press release announcing 700 redundancies, and this is not a joke. The company did not hold preliminary consultations with the trade union and specified the serious changes in the economic situation in Russia as the reason for the announced redundancies. The Russian Interregional Trade Union ‘Workers Association’ (ITUWA), an affiliate of IndustriALL, intends to take counter measures.

The international campaign in solidarity with imprisoned oil workers in Kazakhstan has delivered results. The campaign, supported by the IUF, IndustriAll, the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Kazakhstan and the Association for Human Rights in Central Asia. Within three months of the campaign launch over 11,400 letters were sent through LabourStart from around the world to Kazakhstan diplomatic missions, demanding freedom for the imprisoned oil workers. The on-line campaign was backed up by formal protest letters from union organizations, pickets in front of consulates and diplomatic missions and public debates at various international forums.

Workers have gone on strike over unpaid wages at a factory that produces equipment for Russia’s largest automaker, the head of factory’s labor union told RIA Novosti on Friday. Pyotr Zolotarev said that more than 50 workers had left their posts at the Volzhsky Machine Building Plant, where they had not been paid for two months.

Aeroflot may have been the official carrier of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics which ended yesterday, but its pilots are being left out in the cold following a long-standing dispute between their union and the management. Russia’s biggest airline carrier is under intense pressure from labour rights groups who say the company is putting passengers’ lives at risk by refusing to listen to the safety concerns of pilots.

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