A Communique by the Executive Committee of the Confederation of Labour of Russia on prosecution of Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions (BKDP) leaders and activists.

According to Nikolay Sukhanov, Chairman of the Far Eastern Territorial  Organization of the Seafarers' Union of Russia (SUR FETO) the notice containing a requirement to conclude the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) approved collective agreement, which had not been available on board the vessel. That's why the total salary of an Able Seaman was USD950, which is much less than if the vessel was covered by the ITF agreement. The captain's wage was USD8815.

Sometimes crewmembers turn to the Seafarers Union of Russia for help with such problems, which are very difficult to solve. It is difficult to achieve justice if a seafarer has not received money for his work, and the company, for which he worked, in fact, has already ceased to exist. However, even in such cases, there are exceptions, and the crewmember receives the funds due to them. A similar miracle has recently happened largely thanks to the Kaliningrad territorial organization of the Seafarers Union of Russia (KTO SUR).

We publish a Communique by the Confederation of Labour of Russia (KTR), approved by the Council of the KTR on 25 February 2022.

Seafarers from the m/v HTC Delta (flag of the Marshall Islands, IMO 9679385), moored in Nakhodka, do not know how much their health and lives are insured for. As the chairman of the Far Eastern Territorial Organization of the Seafarers Union of Russia Nikolay Sukhanov noted, this is typical for a ship which are not covered by the ITF collective agreement and operating under the flag of convenience.

The Confederation of Labor of Russia has published the full text of the report "The Review on the Violence and Harassment Situation within the Perspective of Adoption and Ratification of the ILO Convention № 190 in the Russian Federation», which was prepared by the Commission on Gender Equality and the Expert Center of KTR. The report describes the positions of social partners, provides an overview of researches on the topic, the representation of the problem in the information space of Russia.

The Confederation of Labour of Russia (KTR) and its member organizations have watched the recent events in Kazakhstan with great pain and anxiety. The KTR has for many years been involved in the campaign to build an independent trade union movement in Kazakhstan and to promote and enforce labour and trade union laws that would benefit Kazakhstani workers.

The Federal Trade Union of Air Traffic Controllers of Russia sent an appeal to President of Russia with a message about the threat of dismissal of 800 employees of the State Air Traffic Management Corporation.

The IX Congress of the Seafarers’ Union of Russia (SUR) in Saint-Petersburg has finished its work. Delegates representing the interests of marine workers throughout the country summed up the results of their activity for 2016-2021, set goals for the next five years and elected the SUR governing bodies. Those present included invited guests also: top officials  of large Russian trade unions, shipping companies and leading maritime educational institutions of our country.

Recently negotiations on the conclusion of collective agreements with TransMorFlot LLC and Marine Trans Shipping LLC were completed in Astrakhan. They resulted in agreements establishing a higher level of wages and better insurance conditions on eight ships owned by them. 

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